Christina Christie

Get to to know me

The owner of Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio; Christina Christie has been tattooing for 13 years and opened her shop in 2012. Christina graduated Emily Carr in 2010 where her interest in the human form began to evolve and later carried into her tattoo practice as the primary focus. Inspired by art spanning from the Middle Ages into modernism, her subjects of interest stem from the fine arts particularly in folklore and mythology. Art History is a big focus for Christina as she enjoys creating work that stems from or continues a narrative. The body’s who consume and wear Christina’s work are a big part of the process and how she designs her figures. With careful consideration of how the human anatomy operates in daily life is considered when creating her illustrative pieces. “It’s kind of like fashion in a way” Christina says “I relate my kind of tattooing to creating a garment customized for one specific person to wear proudly for the rest of their life. Because there’s nothing like seeing or being seen in something that was made specifically for you, it can be breathtaking how much confidence that provokes” Christina continues to say “I suppose after the tattoo is complete, my clients can wear their customized suit proudly and maybe it will provoke an inner feeling of love and care for their bodies. Christina’s style has developed over the years into her current work based from her loose gestural drawings.