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We would like to remind everyone that we are a tattoo studio and do not do piercings or associate with anything piercing related. – We do not sell gift certificates but please follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with any promotions or new art related merch for sale by our artists.

During this time, we are best reached via email as we tend to not have a chance to answer our phone during working hours.
Our small studio has 5 resident artists including Birdie, Glenn, Mark and Christina. We are an appointment-based business who all do our own bookings. Information regarding booking appointments varies between each artist. In order to book an appointment with one of the artists please feel free to email them directly. On our social media platforms, we have Individual contact info and information regarding our booking wait times. A common question we get is “when do your books open?” And for most of us we will announce that our books are open when our older projects are coming to a close and we have some time freeing up in the future to accept new projects & clients. If you have any general questions in reference to guest artist info, conventions, artists travel dates then please email us or call the shop and we will do our best to return your inquiries as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued support from Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio.


To all of our clients: COVID continues and as we all know restrictions have been tightened in BC again until at least May 24. This doesn’t change much as we continue to operate at 50% capacity and observe our safety protocols as we have been for the past 12 months. In order to discourage all non-essential travel in BC we want to remind all of our clients from outside our greater Vancouver region that we will continue to postpone any appointments for traveling clients until Public Health recommendations change. Please refer to the COVID-19 info at @governmentofbc. While we can’t wait to tattoo all of our ongoing travelling clients again, we have to follow these rules in order to ensure we operate a safe work environment for our artists as well as for all of our clients. If you have ongoing work with one of our artists and you either live outside the region or have recently travelled, please email your artist directly to reschedule. Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience. Stay safe everyone!  

As far as booking in with one of us, we want to remind everyone that all our artists have limited schedules due to our 50% capacity protocols. That being said, here is where we are at currently with our artist bookings:

At the moment while Christina is excited to continue working on her existing projects, and her books remain closed for the time being as she finishes up her ongoing projects. When she is ready to take on new clients, she will be posting those details on her social media. Stay tuned!

Currently Birdie is still working through her new projects and her books remain closed until those come to an end, in the meantime she looks forward to reopening her books again in the coming months. Keep a look out on her IG page for further updates.

If you didn’t know, Glenn’s books are open! If you are looking to get tattooed by him please shoot him an email to get the ball rolling at glennseymourtattoos@gmail.com. He really enjoys tattooing creatures and people from myths and legends, but is open to most tattoo ideas you throw at him.

Jon & Mark:

These guys are currently taking on new clients and appointments but are also very busy bees! They spend as much time as they can in the studio tattooing while we are at 50% operating capacity. It can be hard to juggle answering inquiries right away so we ask that you be patient when emailing them (we all try our best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible but keep in mind that it may not be immediately).

Jon Clue is our senior artist originally from Brooklyn, New York. Jon enjoys doing any size tattoo, big or small alike. He has been tattooing since 1993 and has been heavily inspired by his life living in New York, Graffiti, cosmic psychedelia & bright bold colours. His style stemmed from working with like-minded artists during that time, bringing a heavy influence on his aesthetic of bio organic matter and bold colours.

Even though Jon’s work often reflects his large-scale work, he is also an expert at doing small detailed tattoos. There are not many projects that Jon wouldn’t consider because he loves tattooing so much, so if you would like to contact him at about your next tattoo then please send him a message at jonclue@jonclue.nyc to start the consultation process!

Mark Naylor originates from Nottingham, England and brings a European flare to his work, inspired by neo-traditional aesthetic. Mark enjoys large scale work but also enjoys making his tattoos stand out at any size on the body with his bold European inspired style. He enjoys creating tattoos that include birds, flowers, faces and has a plethora of pre-made hand sketched designs to choose from, but also loves to create custom designs as well. If you would like to reach Mark you can email him at marknaylor_tattoos@outlook.com.

If you aren’t sure about how to contact any of our artists, please email info@blackrabbittattoo.com directly, we check this email regularly. We prefer our phone to be used only when you arrive at the studio for your appointment, as we do not answer the phone while tattooing for obvious reasons. Since we do not have a receptionist at the studio, voicemails are not checked as regularly. This is why we strongly encourage all inquiries to be made via email directly to your artist or to our general inbox. Thanks again for your understanding & we look forward to seeing you at the studio!


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