Your most frequently asked questions

We do not advise it, nor do we encourage it. 

The reason for resistance towards numbing creams is because through our experience it tends to change the texture of the skin making it very difficult to tattoo over. Through our experience working with many brands of numbing creams there is one thing that stays consistent which is that they all lose their potency after about 30-40 minutes. Potency loss will abruptly amplify the pain and as a result will often make the session more uncomfortable leading to shorter tattoo sessions.

If you feel it necessary to use a numbing agent, then please discuss with your artist prior to your appointment. Most of our artists do not work with numbing creams and may decline the tattoo project as a result.

Take a look at our online portfolios here on our website and decide which artist best suits the style/subject that you are looking to get done. Fill out the form questionnaire on via the artist’s page on our website to initiate the consultation process. Please note that some of our artists are fully booked and may take time to respond. If you have general questions you can also email us through our general inquiry email link.

Remember that it is never personal if an artist says no to your idea, there can be many reasons to turn down a cool project. All of our artists manage their own schedules and workflow and some artists close their books in order to maintain a manageable schedule. More often than not our artists will turn down ideas because they are simply too busy to take on anything new at that time. If for some reason your artist feels that your idea is out of their realm of comfort, then they will likely refer you to another local artist who they feel may be better suited for the tattoo that you are looking to get. 

If the artist you are looking to work with has posted that their “books are currently closed” then this means that they have a full workload and do not have time to accept any new projects. All of our artists keep their social media pages up to date and post reopening dates when their workload lightens. If the artist you have your eye on has open books then feel free to email them your idea(s) via our website and book your appointment(s).

It is a bit of a taboo in our industry to touch/rework or refresh other reputable artist’s work and we practice this belief system at our studio. We believe that it is disrespectful to alter another artist’s work without their consent. There are many other reasons for this but ultimately, we respect our peers and do not want to create any unnecessary drama.

If you are truly unhappy with a prior tattoo, we suggest looking into laser removal before starting a new piece. If you are unsure about laser

or want to discuss your options, then please contact your artist and they will be happy to talk to you about your tattoo.

Totally! But if it is a particularly tricky or impossible coverup then your artist may suggest alternatives like laser or alternate design ideas. 

Covering a previous tattoo successfully can pose limits to your choices with respect to design and colour or shading,

which your artist will go over with you when you discuss it with them. 

This is a bit of controversial subject but, yes, depending on the situation. However, most of our artists opt out of these areas of the body completely as they are very difficult to work on. We do not tattoo minors and we understand that our clientele are adults who can make their own decisions. We do like to make our clients aware that highly visible tattoos can change the way you are perceived in society especially when getting a new job. Unfortunately, the stigma of tattoos is still relevant and can be offensive to a majority of society. For these reasons we like to educate clients prior to booking on what they can expect after getting their hands, fingers, neck and face tattooed.

So, you get to your appointment and see your design, but you don’t like it. What do you do? Just tell your artist! This is our job; we can take constructive criticism. It’s not going to hurt our feelings, but if you want to make changes that are different from your original discussion or decide to do something different, be aware that your artist may need to rebook your appointment, or they may suggest that you seek another artist if it is something that they are not comfortable doing. If this is the case and your idea does not coincide with their abilities then your artist will be happy to provide suggestions to other artists who might be better suited for your project, please do not take offence to this gesture.

Tell them right away. Don’t beat around the bush because this is a lifelong decision and if the artist hasn’t met your artistic expectations, then that’s totally okay. But be kind, they spent many hours creating a custom piece for you based of the information you discussed with them in your consultation.

Yes, sometimes more than others, which is why it is important to prep your body and mind prior to your appointment(s) so that you are prepared physically and mentally for your session(s). Please refer to our “How do I prepare for my tattoo” below.

There are some things you can do to prepare mentally & physically for a tattoo. It is helpful to go into your tattoo session with excitement not fear. Find ways to anticipate the end goal and the enjoyment you will get from wearing your new tattoo. Another helpful way to push through the physical pain is to tell yourself that the pain that you are experiencing now is temporary and will end. You can prep your body for a tattoo by getting lots of sleep and eating healthy in the weeks following your session. By combining these into your preparation, you should be fully prepared for an enjoyable experience. We encourage eating a large meal before your session and packing a small lunch or snacks in order to maintain endurance during your session.

If you have a medical condition that may affect your tattoo, please talk to your doctor before confirming an appointment. 

Your deposit acts as a security for you and your artist. You have secured your appointment spot and your artist will create your design. Tattoo artists begin working well before your actual appointment. Your artist puts time and effort into designing your tattoo. If for some reason you are not able to follow through with your commitment, then the hours that your artist has put into designing your piece have not gone to waste.

Some artists prefer to pre-draw designs and post them up for grabs. You will often see designs like this displayed on convention booth tables or posted as “available” online. Sometimes our artists post flash on their social media pages.

All of the artists at Black Rabbit Tattoo charge $200 per hour. 

The cost is dependent on the size and detail of the design. If you are getting a large-scale tattoo like a back or sleeve, then you can expect to sit for multiple sessions of multiple hours (you and your artist will discuss what session length you are both comfortable with). You will only get charged for the time it takes to do the tattoo, breaks and prep time are not included.

We don’t expect you to tip but if you feel obliged then we will not decline the offer. Some people tip every session and others tip once the tattoo is complete.

Second Skin is a product that is used to heal burns and acts like a barrier to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the wound while healing. While protecting against dirt and bacteria it also encourages healing if used correctly. Some artists recommend Second Skin for their tattoos and others prefer not using it. Through our experience, Second Skin can be used as a great healing aid particularly with small to medium size tattoos. However, we have found that if not used correctly it can negatively impact the healing of the tattoo so if you and your artist agree that second skin is right for you then please follow your artist’s care guidance. 

It depends on the design and size of the tattoo. While all of our artists tend to be quick in their practice, if the tattoo is large or detailed then it is inevitable that your tattoo will take a long time to complete. If you are getting large scale work like a back or sleeve, then you can expect to do multiple sessions ranging from 4-6 hours each. 

No, however colour tends to take longer to saturate the skin vs. black and grey, so colour work usually takes more time in total.

Sun exposure and poor aftercare.

All of our artists practice slightly different aftercares but, ultimately, keeping your tattoo clean and out of the sun will encourage a healthy heal. We all agree that aftercare products like creams or oils do not make a difference in the healing process, in fact, most of us agree that aftercare products like this can sometimes prolong the healing process. If you have questions about certain products, please talk to your artist as we do not guarantee or endorse any particular products.

Your artist will go over all of the normal expectations of the healing process during your appointment. Skin peeling post tattoo session is completely normal. Scabbing can occur if the tattoo is not taken care of properly or if it is in a particularly vulnerable or high motion area of the body. Talk to your artist about their aftercare suggestions to see what is right for you.

Hell no! Please prioritize your tattoo’s healing. Expect that for the next 2 weeks post tattoo you will be taking it easy and allowing time for your body to process the trauma and recover. Please do not use this as a time to frolic in the sun or submerge in water. Note: showering is great, and highly encouraged during healing, but please keep them reasonably short and frequent in order to keep the area clean.

Don’t scratch it! As tempting as it is to want to scratch or pick, please don’t as it will affect the overall tattoo.

The legal age in BC for getting tattooed is 18. We do not tattoo anyone under that age even with parental consent. You will need proof of age using a government issued ID.

Unscented soap (during showers). Other than that, nothing, just keep it clean and dry. If you have any questions about a particular product that interests you, please talk to your artist.