Mark Naylor

get to know mark

Mark Naylor came all the way from England to make Black Rabbit Tattoo his home studio in 2019. While Mark’s style constantly evolves, it is rooted in neotraditional fundamentals and inspired by the Art Nouveau style of the early 1900s.

To maintain longevity of his tattoos, Mark strategically uses different line weights: bolder lines for the general outline, and finer lines for the details… this helps in the ageing process and ensures you have a tattoo that will still look sharp decades down the line. Mark learned this technique through studying Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau paintings. Of course, some exceptions are needed depending on the piece, like when elements need to be brought into the foreground.

Mark enjoys creating portraits of animals, human faces, skeletal parts, plants and flowers… especially when the piece contains a combination of these elements! He prefers large scale work like arms, legs, backs and torsos – although he also loves the challenge of filling in a space, whether that’s a small gap on a leg/arm or a hand or foot piece.
Check out Mark’s latest work on his Instagram - and if his style sounds like it’s up your alley, book a time through the button below.